St Philip's Theological College 

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St Philip’s Development Projects

Underpinning Approach to our Projects

Our vision

To demonstrate and share, by what we do and how we do it, our commitment to Christian fellowship, learning and community. Using our work and our people to safeguard our shared heritage and future economy.

Our mission

To use our natural resources, our Tanzanian heritage and our skills to safeguard St Philip’s future as a centre of priestly education. To create a flourishing example of best practice in environment, community and human welfare

The aims of current projects:

•To earn cash for the college - through sales of produce
•To improve the diet and well-being of people at the college - organic food produced on site, health care and teaching for wives and families, spiritual education and practical support
•To generate empowered priests, who can use the skills learned to support the communities they move to. - action learning and teaching case studies .

Vocation Training


The Drip Feed Irrigation Project 

Parishioners at St Mark’s Bromley kindly offered donations for the college. After consultation with St Philips, a very exciting project was promptly underway. The drip feed irrigation system and garden at St Philip’s. This was a literally ground breaking project achieved through truly international collaboration. Agripa Ndatila had the idea and gave leadership. The college and village did the work. Jan from Holland brought the technical expertise and supervision. A volunteer brought the cash from Bromley. A patch of scrub ground has been transformed into productive land in the space of three months, providing food, jobs, and practical teaching/learning for staff and students. A resource with great potential, all for £550 and volunteer effort.

Surface irrigation

Bee Hives project for honey and environmental conservation

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Livestock Projects