St Philip's Theological College 

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Get to know our Faculty and Staff

Staff Members with the Rt Rev. John Lupaa on Graduation day of 2018

Rev. Can Capt Agripa Ndatila
The Principal
New Testament and Pastoral Studies Lecturer

Rev. Judy Cale

Director of English Department 

English and Christian Education Lecturer

Rev. Capt Narsis Sebikwekwe
Academic Dean
Old Testament and Theology Lecturer

Rev. Can Dickson Lyoba

Dean of Students

Rev. Can James Bendera

Church History Lecturer

Wendy Broadbent

Director of Disability Program

Ms Jalia Rujuba

Coordinator - Disability Studies

Disability Studies Lecturer

Rev. Narkiso Majwala


Pastoral Studies Lecturer

Rev. Timoth Chimeledya

Pastoralia and Ethics Lecturer

Rev. Elineema Mcharo 

Director of Lutheran Studies 


Christina Parry 
Visiting Lecturer - Pastoral Studies

Rev Peter Hezron Chiyeyeu


Ms Telesia Kapinga

QT Class Coordinator

English and Kiswahili Teacher

Other staff Members

Janet Allen
English Teacher

Mr Peter Bak

Maintenance and vocation Training Teacher 

Mrs Agnitha Ndatila

Wife's Class Teacher and Godly Play supervisor

Mrs Rachel Mwitewe

Wife's Class Teacher

Mr Douglas Mwitewe


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Our Board of Trustees

The Rt Rev. Isaiah Chambala

Board Chairperson

The Bishop of the Diocese of Kiteto

Rev. Can. Capt Agripa Ndatila

Board Secretary

St Philip's Principal

The Rt Rev. Godfrey Sehaba
Board Member
The Bishop of Morogoro

Mr Amon Lembao

Board Member

District Chief School Quality Assurance Officer

Janet Allen
Board Member
St Philip's Administrator

Rev. Can Wilson Mafumbi

Board Member

The Vicar General - Diocese of Morogoro

Rev. Can Juliana Mahava
Board Member
Parish Priest - Diocese of Mpwapwa