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Support for books

SPCK and Langham Literature do support our students with books for their studies for those who join the course. We thank God for this support which would otherwise be unaffordable. We are also very gratefull for the donations to our college library. These books enable our students to make their way into theological training.


We thank God for the Li Tim-Oi Foundation who regularly provide to us scholarship to cover for the fees of some of the female students. Below is the vision behind Li Tim-Oi

 HOW IT ALL BEGAN. On 25 January 1944 history was made when the Rev Florence Li Tim-Oi was made a 'Priest in the Church of God'.

The Ordination in the Anglican Diocese of Hong Kong and South China took place in the Free China village of Shui Hing during the Sino-Japanese War.

It was conducted by Bishop R O Hall in order that Anglican Christians in Tim-Oi's parish of Macao, the Portuguese island colony, could receive the sacrament of Holy Communion properly authorised.

It was not until 1971 that the Anglican Communion agreed that further women might be ordained priest, and not until 1994 that women were priested in the Church of England.

In the same year the 'Li Tim-Oi Foundation' was launched to empower women in the Two-Thirds World for Christian mission and ministry.

Today, St Philips Theological College are very thankful to God and to our supporters through Li-Tim-Oi to benefit and to be involved in carrying forward the vision.


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