St Philip's Theological College 

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Courses Offered

Diploma in Theology—three years. 

The language of instruction for Diploma is English.

Admission Qualifications: 

Form IV with a pass, or  

pass the provincial entrance examination -normally held in February every year.

Certificate in Theology - Three years

The language of instruction for Diploma is Kiswahili.

Admission Qualifications:

Primary education or Bible School training, or

Pass the provincial entrance examination -normally held in February every year.

Certificate in Theology and Women’s development - two years

This course is designed for pastors’ wives and women who are leaders or involved in women development programs and Mother Union.

The language of instruction for this course is Kiswahili

Admission Qualifications: 

-Being a Pastor's spouse or

Women program leader who is send by her Diocese.

Others Courses


Disability Studies

To teach students in a course about issues related to disabilities, and in two clinics about empowerment through a family support group model.

Christian Education

To enable our students to teach Bible Knowledge in government and private schools.

Lutheran Studies

To educate Lutheran students in their traditions, history and worship.

Qualifying Testing (QT)

To provide Secondary School education to those who did not study Forms 1 to 4.

Practical skills

To educate every student in one practical skill course: carpentry, plumbing, welding, building or agriculture.

The St Philip's Workshop where our students get trained for practical skills.

New Courses to be started in 2019


Intensive Theological Education 

An intensive course will be offered for either a Certificate or Diploma in Theology running for three months divided into two terms— six weeks June to July and six weeks November to December. This course will offer a concentrated theological education with minimal time away from regular work commitments. This course will start the second week of June 2019.

Christian Education 

This course will be offered for three months to prepare teachers in Bible Knowledge to use in teaching in primary and secondary schools, as Sunday school teachers and as Christian Education Directors. This course will start the first week of August 2019.

Church Music 

This course will teach students how to write and read music, play different musical instruments used in church, such as the guitar, piano/keyboard, as well as traditional Tanzanian instruments. The course will be held each June for one month beginning June 2019.

Language Education 

Kiswahili and English for students interested in improving their language skills (one to three month course). Diploma candidates joining for academic year 2019-2020 onward will be required to study English for one month beginning 1 July as preparation for their Diploma course.

Being a student at St Philip's College

Students come to St. Philip’s recommended by their Bishops. It is assumed that the student has a sound Christian faith with a call to the ministry. The main task of the college staff is to nurture that faith by imparting knowledge, encouraging individual development of their gifts, providing opportunities for practical experiences and giving advice, when needed. The students are prepared to preach, administer the sacraments, teach the Bible and to pastor parishioners.


Students are sponsored by their Dioceses or privately. There are three kinds of students: single students, married students and day students. Single students are accommodated in campus dormitories. Married students live on campus in their own quarters, and may bring their wives and two children (under five years old) in their second year. Students’ wives take a special course of study to enable them lead alongside their husbands in their ministry. Day students are priests and laymen and women who attend the same classes as students living on campus.

Fees per annum

Diploma in Theology: -Tshs 1,750,000/=

Certificate in Theology: -Tshs 1,750,000/=

Pastor’s wives’ course: -Tshs 900,000/=

Student’s child: -Tshs 115,000/=

(Fees do not include transportation and stationary)


The Academic Year

Our school year commences the second week of August and runs until the first week of June with an eight week vacation at Christmas and two week vacation at Easter